On Marketplace Since Day One

DentaQuest has extensive experience on the state and federal Public Marketplaces (Exchanges). Through our Exchange work, we offer strategic partnerships with health plans to administer their embedded benefit. 
DentaQuest first began administering embedded benefits on the public Marketplace in Massachusetts in 2008 when we partnered with health plans participating in the Commonwealth Care Program, which served as the model for current state and federal health exchanges. We have literally been in this space since the beginning, and health plans can tap into our expertise to gain better footholds in this competitive market. 

We are currently partnered with health plan clients on exchanges in ten states to offer the embedded pediatric dental benefit mandated by the Affordable Care Act to more than 230,000 members.

The Right Partner to Help Achieve Your Goals

DentaQuest is a health plan partner that shares your goals. And we’re equipped with the tools to help you achieve them.
  • Our ultra-efficient claims processing system and edits help control claims costs.
  • We place a premium on building strategic networks that promote utilization and ease of access for your members.
  • We have a thorough understanding of the unique needs of Marketplace members, and our vast IT infrastructure, understanding and abilities can give you a competitive leg up on your competition.

Our Marketplace dental benefit solutions can increase your savings, improve the health of your members, and build and preserve member loyalty.  

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