DentaQuest Personal Dental Plan Plus

Current Rates and Benefits

The DentaQuest Personal Dental Plan Plus offers 100% coverage for preventive care, PLUS money-saving benefits for fillings and more extensive care.

Think you'll need more extensive services or want more protection against unexpected expense? Our Personal Dental Plan Plus option may be right for you. It provides all the coverage of the basic Personal Dental Plan – 100% coverage for twice-yearly checkups, cleanings and preventive dental services – plus affordable benefits for more expensive restorative services like fillings, crowns and oral surgery.

Our Personal Dental Plan Plus includes:
•          Choice of over 5,000 Personal Dental Plan dentists in Texas
•          100% coverage for most preventive and diagnostic dental services
•          Two dental exams and cleanings per year
•          X-rays, fluoride treatment and more
•          No waiting periods, deductibles or copays for preventive care
•          Benefits for services like fillings, crowns and oral surgery

Click here to view or download a printable PDF of the DentaQuest Personal Dental Plan Plus Benefit Summary.

Type I (Preventive)
Type II (Basic restorative)
Type III (Major restorative)
Deductible $100
Applies to Types
Type II and Type III
Family Max
Annual Maximum Benefit $1,000
Rollover Maximum No Rollover
Child/Student Definition 26
Waiting Period  
Type I
No waiting period
Type II
6 Months
Type III
18 Months
3 Tier Rates Under 65 Age 65 and over
$21.30 $31.66
Individual + One
$40.67 $56.22
$71.30 $92.03

*For details on the above services, click the link above to view the DentaQuest Personal Dental Plan Plus Benefit Summary.